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Hummingbird Nesting

After the spring rush of hummingbirds at your feeders, do they seem to have disappeared? As buds and flowers begin to open, they have a larger variety of natural nectar sources and seem less dependent on your feeders. BUT! Please keep those feeders clean and filled! A female hummingbird spends up to 55 minutes of every hour sitting on her nest. Which means that for the five minutes mum gets to take care of herself and eat, reliable feeders are an incredibly important energy source. So, keep up the good work and help a mum out!

This video was provided by Jonathan and Alison Moran, two hummingbird researchers with Rocky Point Bird Observatory on Vancouver Island. Thank you to Jon and Alison, for all the work you do to protect hummingbirds and their habitats!

This is a photo of a nest discovered in the John Prince Research Forest just last week. It was in a small spruce tree, just over four feet off the ground and on the outer edge of a downward sloping branch. Biologist Shannon Crowley brushed the tree as he was doing field work and got a stern talking to from mum. Thank you to Shannon, for taking this quick shot!

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