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Mount Milligan & Centerra Gold Donation

A HUGE thank you to Mount Milligan and Centerra Gold Inc for their $10,000 donation for improvements to David Hoy Elementary's Outdoor Classroom. This funding supported several fantastic additions during the coronavirus pandemic:

Local electrician Arland Croquet helped install a solar generator to support virtual gatherings. This mobile power source also allowed for things like outdoor music and microphones, to preserve Elder voices during social distancing.

Gary Sole's wood shop learners at Fort St. James Secondary delivered AGAIN, building cardinal direction signage in Dakelh, an outdoor chalkboard, and a modular table to help with staging classroom supplies. The work these students do is truly beyond beautiful!

Finally, Blake Olesiuk built additional seating that can be easily moved and spaced by little hands. This project was another remarkable example of community collaboration during the pandemic ❤

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