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Science Literacy and BC Forest Weeks

This week is the time to celebrate both Science Literacy and BC Forests! Normally, students would be tromping out to the John Prince Research Forest by the hundreds: learning about biodiversity, exploring the land, and - always entertaining - finding out how heavy the BC Wildfire Response crew's equipment is. This year, students are exploring natural spaces closer to their schools. To support them in this learning, our 2020 summer students delivered resource packages to each school today. Learners will now have tree id posters and field cards which accompany Elder Catherine Coldwell's story of How the Trees Got Their Bark, as well as microscope slides and Foldscopes. The best part is that the field cards and Foldscopes are individual-use items (supporting social distancing or distance learning), and can be sanitized between cohort use. Look at all of us adapting to the pandemic - COVID high-five!

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