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Spring Nature Explorers Abound

Wow! What an amazing 6 weeks we've had.

5 days of lake science.

17 hummingbird classroom presentations from preschool to high school.

255 students out at Cinnabar Research Station in the John Prince Research Forest to see hummingbirds, learn ethnobotany/medicinal plants, listen to stories, examine the wetland, observe the climate change forest, learn about predators and prey, watch Eagle and Loon, complete an orienteering course, explore frogs & butterflies, throw rocks into the lake, and dance in the hail. Thank you to all the Elders, professionals, teachers, classroom assistants, administrators, bus drivers, bannock makers and grocery shoppers that made these past few weeks such a success. And thank you to the students, who showed such interest and engagement with our natural world. Musi Cho!

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