• Valerie Crowley

Thank You to the John Prince Research Forest

The John Prince Research Forest (JPRF) made $30,000 donation to Chuntoh Education Society this week! Registered Professional Forester Sue Grainger, the Executive Director and Forest Manager of JPRF, presented Chuntoh with funding to support place-based learning in the Fort St. James area. A non-profit society itself, the JPRF Board of Directors makes this annual donation to support administrative costs - allowing us to ensure that the maximum amount of grants received go directly to programs and activities for local K-12 students. This funding is critical to the success and continuation of Chuntoh; we can't thank JPRF enough.

JPRF's support doesn't end at this donation, though. They also provide in-kind support in the form of office and meeting space, printing services, and access to the John Prince Research Forest itself. Sue is also a founding Director of Chuntoh, serving as Board Chair and charity champion. A million thanks to Sue and the JPRF Board of Directors for their continuing support!

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