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The baby Long-toed Salamanders are growing!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Three weeks ago, our summer students caught two salamander larva and have been observing their growth and development. Named Rue and Prim, they are thriving in their captive habitat. They began with gills and forelimbs, and have now moved on to the next stage of their life cycle as they develop back legs and toes! In the coming weeks, they will prepare for life out of the water. If you would like to learn more about Long-toed Salamanders, check out this BC Salamander Watch Fact Sheet.

UPDATE: As soon as Rue and Prim began taking short land excursions over the rocks and logs in their habitat, we knew it was time to let them go. (We didn't want them escaping into the offices.) On August 21, they were safely released into the pond from which they were captured and immediately started hunting. Farewell ladies, and thank you for the learning opportunities!!!

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