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Winter Field School 2021

A new cohort of learners made the journey out to the John Prince Research Forest (JPRF) this week. These students are part of a combined course, Physical Geography 12 and Environmental Sciences 11, offered at our local secondary school. Co-designed and co-taught by educators Kelley Inden and Jaclyn Boyes, this course was created with specific learners in mind. Students who have in interest in forestry, biology, wildlife ecology or natural resource management experience project-based learning under the mentorship of natural science professionals. This is an incredibly unique course which takes advantage of a wealth of community partners, including JPRF - the largest contiguous research forest in North America.

This week, students learned about a variety of wildlife research methods with Shannon Crowley, a registered professional biologist currently conducting research on Canada lynx. Learners were able to practice triangulating the locations of GPS collars, and set a variety of stations for data collection - camera traps, hair snares, rub stations and a cage trap. And, as the snowy landscape calls to the child in all of us, they spent some time building a snow sculpture on the shores of Tezzeron Lake! We look forward to seeing you all soon for your forestry field day!

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